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Cosmetic Services

Smile design

This is when artwork and dentistry come together. Smile design is totally individualized for each patient. This is the opportunity to recreate your smile. Do you have broken or discolored teeth? Do you find yourself not smiling because you don’t like the look of your teeth? There is a wide variety of treatment options available; from whitening to composites to veneers. If you want to recreate your smile, talk to Dr. Speirs about your goals. You will be involved every step of the way!

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a thin layer of material placed over a tooth, either to improve the appearance of a tooth or to correct damage to a tooth surface. With Dr. Speirs’ expertise and artistic touch, veneers can correct gaps in your smile, awkward tooth proportions, and discoloration.


  • Resistant to staining
  • Able to achieve almost any look you want
  • Natural in appearance – they have the same translucent look of natural teeth
  • Bonded to teeth for durability and strength


If you’ve ever felt self conscious or embarrassed because your teeth appear dark and stained, whitening is an easy way to lighten the color without changing the structure of your teeth at all.

Whitening does not harm the teeth at all, but cleans out stains from microscopic pores on the surface. The most common whitening method our patients choose is done at home for 30 minutes each day. For those wanting a more significant change right away, we have whitening performed in the office that takes about 90 minutes. Call McCall Dental Care to find out more about these options.

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